By disinfestation we mean the fight / confrontation of insect-enemies, as well as the problems / dangers that lurk from their presence in a space.
The term "disinfection" is often misused, confusing it incorrectly with the term "disinfestation", for an insect control application.
Disinfection is applied only for the inactivation and destruction of pathogenic microbes and not for the control of insects.
At the company PANGEORGIKI IOANNOU, in Lamia, we use a program of integrated pest management (Integrated Pest Management - IPM), with respect for public health and the ecosystem. According to this program, the infestation of your space is assessed and analyzed, while preventive measures are taken to avoid future infestations.

For the control of target insects, priority is given to the application of non-toxic methods, with the use of biocidal preparations being limited and selective.
For the application of the disinfestation with insecticides we use, exclusively and only, medicines approved by the Ministry of Rural Development & Food for the control of insects in residential areas. The medicines are safe for the staff working in these areas, they are odorless and do not leave stains and toxic residues. Also, their use is made with all the protection measures and restrictions defined in the marketing authorization of the preparations.

The treatment of insects-enemies, walking-reptiles, flies and their larval stages are indicatively achieved with:

1. Residual sprays (use of low or high pressure pump).

2. Installation of a special food-attracting preparation in gel form (application in kitchens and food production areas). Their application is achieved by the use of a special dosing gun.

3. Fumigation. Highly specialized process by which we manage to fight insects in all their stages (egg, larva, nymph, acme).

Before each application, the area to be disinfected is carefully inspected in order to seal it well, in order to avoid any leaks.

The application is achieved by the use of special fumigants in gaseous form. It is applied mainly in storage areas of products, silos, ship holders, containers, etc., always under the supervision of a responsible scientist.

The preparation of the spray solution is done according to the instructions for use of the product, as they are written on the label of the preparation and all the precautionary and protection measures that have been determined with their marketing approval are applied. This ensures the effective treatment of target insects without risks and effects on public health and the ecosystem (spot spraying).

4. Fogger. With this method the uniform dispersion of the insecticide is achieved, which is diffused throughout the area to be disinfected (spraying the volume or space).

5. Atoxic Method. Use of pheromone or food-attracting traps to catch reptiles, walking and flying insects, to deal with and control the population (monitoring).

6. Electric traps for flying insects.

7. KIRBY broom. Biological cleaning, decontamination and sanitation system of mattresses, carpets and sofas.

8. Steam machine, superheated and dry.